Who’s Laughing Now?

Max is, that’s who.

Yesterday, at the grand old age of 15 weeks old, Max laughed for the first time. It was the best sound I’ve ever heard and I almost burst with love and excitement when he did it, which took me completely by surprise.

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The Art of Napping

Babies really don’t know they’re born. Show me an adult who wouldn’t give their right arm to be allowed to fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and I’ll show you a liar. But it seems this little luxury is lost on the little ones and they often have to be coaxed into it like (most) adults have to be tricked into holiday time shares.

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Max’s Monthly Development Diaries: 3 months

Today, 2nd February, Max is three months old. THREE MONTHS OLD. What the…?!!

I knew 12 months of maternity leave would go quickly but this is ridiculous. I can remember his dramatic entrance like it was yesterday.

I think it’s natural as a first time Mum to be fascinated by baby’s developmental milestones, wanting to know what’s normal and what’s next. I’m also very mindful that every baby is different and am careful to not get caught up in what Max should be doing and enjoying the moment of what he is doing.

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Brexit: That’s Breastfeeding, not Britain.

I didn’t ever want to get into the breast feeding debate on From Day Dot. There’s nothing new to say, no angle that hasn’t been covered and actually, in my eyes it’s each to their own and there shouldn’t even be a discussion to be had. If there is a newsworthy story, it’s the ‘conspiracy’ against formula which has been covered so brilliantly by Cat at Not So Smug Now in her Cigarettes & Formula post. Oh it makes me FUME!!

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12 Weeks Of Motherhood

As of 8.25am this morning, our little Max is exactly 12 weeks old. It’s hard for me to get my head around it as I can remember his dramatic entrance like it was yesterday, and the changes in our little baby in 12 short weeks are just as dramatic.

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